Why BoTemp
BoTemp produces environmentally friendly, reliable refrigeration solutions for mobile and stationary applications that are silent, free of emissions, easy to operate, require very limited maintenance and are affordable in operation.
Make use of grants
Our products are eligible for subsidies. This deduction provides an average savings of around 14% on the investment. Please ask your local authorities for more information.

This is what we do

Who are our customers

BoTemp refrigeration systems
BoTemp refrigeration systems


Producers and manufacturers of perishable goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wholesalers and retailers.

For the supplier, it is important that the cargo temperature is constant during transport. In addition, an environmentally friendly system has its clear preference.


Vehicle body manufacturers, integrators, HVAC installers, container distributors or truck dealers.

For this type of client, it is important that he can meet his customer needs. His client asks for durable and affordable refrigeration systems, preferably to be combined with electric vehicles. The battery capacity of the electric vehicle may be used only for the transport itself, and can not also be used for refrigerating the freight.


Shippers and carriers for road, water and rail transport.

The transporter cannot afford to have long waiting times Also he needs a flexible refrigeration system. Because cargo can change frequently, the temperature in the cargo area must be easily adjusted. The refrigeration systems must be affordable both to purchase and to maintain and easy to operate.