What is it?


BoTemp develops and produces a sustainable and flexible refrigeration system for the transport sector. The system offers big advantages for electric as well as diesel-powered vehicles. The refrigeration system does not use any energy when it is in operation because of its internal cold storage equipment. Therefore, no emissions or noise escape. The system also does not have any effect on the range of an electric vehicle because the charger does not have to be turned on to refrigerate the cargo. The system requires little to no maintenance and meets all inner-city transport requirements. By implementing our system, you will already have met the demands of the 2030 climate agreement.


BoTemp Cold Beams

A BoTemp application consists of a rechargeable Cold Battery and a Charger. The Cold Battery lasts at least one to several days before it must be recharged. Our products are used in vehicles that transport refrigerated and frozen products. Think of home delivery with delivery vans, city to city delivery, and regional transport.  

The required refrigeration capacity is based on the desired temperature and type of cargo, the number of door openings per operation, the insulation value of the cargo hold, the standard outside temperature, and the charging time.

Maintenance & warranties

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The BoTemp systems require little to no maintenance and are very reliable in use for the simple reason that the Cold Battery does not have any moving parts. At least once a year the Charger, with refrigerant, must be serviced by a certified mechanic. Service and maintenance can be carried out by BoTemp or one of its service partners.  

Our systems receive a standard one-year warranty, and the PCM gel receives an eight-year warranty provided the annual maintenance has been performed by a BoTemp certified service partner.

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