Who are we

BoTemp is a team consisting of specialized and dedicated technicians with over 30 years’ experience in the development, production, and maintenance of refrigeration systems. We are a Dutch company based in Oosterhout, and deliver our solutions to customers all over the world.

We focus on the core of our system technology; storing thermal energy by using a Phase Change Material. An environmentally friendly and energy saving application, in which charging the refrigeration system is separated from its use.

Our business model is based on the idea of Conceptual Assembly. We are both the inventor and innovator of our refrigeration systems, and we ask specialized suppliers and manufacturers in the region to make parts for us.

Mission & vision

We are your partner in the journey to quieter, more efficient, cleaner refrigeration systems. BoTemp is constantly innovating and improving their refrigeration technology. We promise that our solutions are more sustainable and affordable than any other refrigeration system.

BoTemp regards innovation as the foundation of the company. With our solutions, you can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and make a difference by using our environmental friendly systems. We continue to search for new applications for our proven technology.

We have the refrigeration system of the future!

  • Our systems are silent and do not pollute the air. You satisfy the ever stricter regulations in urban areas including peak regulations.
  • The energy costs are low, since you can charge the system at night using electricity or nitrogen. There is no need to use expensive, polluting diesel.
  • Our products just have a few moving components which means there is limited risk for down time and hardly any maintenance.
  • While in use, the system uses its own energy. Charging is separated from its use. The cold exchange can rise up to eight days, depending on your application.
  • Our system continuously radiates the cold into the cargo area, even when your vehicle has a start/stop system.

The facts

  • 0% air pollution
  • No noise during transport
  • Low maintenance cost because there are very few moving parts in the system
  •  Low energy cost
  • No leakages, because we use a solid compound instead of liquid
  • Free of poisonous coolant solutions
  • Guaranteed, continuous quality of the compound. It will never crystalize even after years of use
  • No corrosion, since high-end synthetics, aluminum and stainless steel are used as components
  • Temperature control during transport
BoTemp refrigeration systems