Who are we?

BoTemp consists of a team of specialized and dedicated people with over 30 years experience in the development, production, and maintenance of refrigeration systems. We are a Dutch company located in Rijen and deliver our solutions to clients all over the world.

We focus on the core of our technology: storing thermal energy with the aid of Phase Change Material. (PCM) An environmentally friendly and energy saving application that separates the charging of the refrigeration system from its use.

Our business model is based on the idea of ‘Conceptual Assembly’. We are the creator and innovator of our refrigeration systems, and we ask specialized suppliers and producers from the region to make us parts, semi-finished products, and components.  

Mission & vision

We are your partner during our joint journey to more silent, more efficient, and greener refrigeration systems. BoTemp is constantly busy innovating and improving its refrigeration technology. We promise that it is more durable and, furthermore, cheaper than other refrigeration systems.  

We consider innovation the foundation of our company. You can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and make a difference by using our environmentally friendly systems.  We are always searching for new applications for our proven technology.

Saskia van Bohemen - Managing director