Our chargers are suitable for charging the Cold Beams, the Cold Pod, and the Cold Box. We supply them in various capacities and offer two versions

The batteries can be charged at night when electricity is least expensive. The charging time varies between 4 and 10 hours, depending on the capacity of the Charger and the remaining capacity in the cold batteries.

Would you like to know which system is right for you? Use our calculation tool, and we will send you our recommendation within 24 hours, including weight aboard the vehicle and a price.

Off Board Charger

This charger stays at home base. During the charging process, the Charger is connected to the cold battery via a quick-coupling system and connected to a receptacle that supplies regular electrical power (380V).

Specifications & advantages

  • The Charger stays at home base. Therefore, 1 to 4 vehicles can be charged simultaneously, saving time, space, and money.
  • Because this Charger stays at home base, you save onboard space and weight.  
  • Easy maintenance that can take place during the day when the vehicle is making its rounds.
  • No dynamic stress or vibrations since the Charger stays in one place.  
  • The quick coupling is leak proof, so no refrigerant can leak during connection and disconnection. 
Case 8 remote-charger-FE (1)
Off Board Charger
BoTemp refrigeration systems
Quick coupling system Off Board Charger

On Board Charger

With this application, the Charger is located on board the vehicle in direct connection with the battery. The Charger is periodically connected to an electrical outlet to charge the cold batteries with three-phase electrical power (380V).

The main advantage of this type of charging is that the cold batteries can be charged at any time, no matter where the vehicle is located. The only thing needed is an electrical outlet with three-phase electrical power.

case 3 Van Zelst OBcharger z_w
On Board Charger (undermount)
190909 Hanos Charger detail
On Board Charger (overcab)