Client interview: Harrie Reink at Huuskes

Harrie Reink is logistics manager at Huuskes, a Dutch food supplier. He has an extended experience of 20 years in selecting transportation resources, such as refrigeration systems. He facilitates the Huuskes fleet with any means necessary for everyday operation.

Why did you choose BoTemp?

“Being sustainable is an important condition to select a particular refrigeration system”, replies Harrie. “We face numerous challenges these days and found the solution at BoTemp. Especially in inner cities regulations are severe. Your systems are silent and produce no CO2 emissions during operation at all. The refrigeration system keeps producing cold, even when the vehicle engine is switched off.” Also the financial advantages proved to be a major reason for Harrie to chose for BoTemp. “On the one hand, we save on diesel cost, on the other hand, we experience a longer operating life than conventional refrigerations systems.”

Our solution for Huuskes

Harrie needs sufficient capacity for their two compartments 18-tonne trucks, to ensure the desired temperatures throughout the day. Frozen food must be delivered at a temperature of -18°C, fresh products should stay below 3°C.

Harrie: “We selected your Battery for variable temperatures in combination with an On Board Charger. It gives us the flexibility to change temperature settings for each compartment, and it gives us the latitude to charge wherever the vehicle is located because the charger is on board.

About Huuskes

Huuskes is a supplier of fresh, chilled and frozen food for hospitals, healthcare institutions, and caterers throughout The Netherlands. Its fleet consists of more than 80 vehicles. Deliveries are derived from various distribution centers throughout the country. Every morning the vehicles are loaded with fresh vegetables, meat, ready-made meals and portioned fresh products. Their product range consists of 35,000 articles every day. Huuskes states corporate social responsibility and sustainability as their main objectives of their business management.