Our prime market covers vehicles between 3.5 and 18 tons because they benefit the most from the advantages of our system.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Guaranteed temperature control
  • No emissions and no noise
  • Simple to use and maintain

We distinguish between various types of users and respond to their different specific questions.  Below you find more information about our mobile applications.

Stationary applications

Besides mobile applications, the number of customers that are interested in stationary refrigeration applications, is growing. This covers cold stores and freezer rooms, data centers, offices, stores, or houses. This solution is not only cheaper than conventional refrigeration systems, but also suitable as a back-up system during power outages or for extra refrigeration capacity during warm days. It replaces the conventional and often over dimensioned systems.

Producers, wholesalers and retailers

This type of client can be a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of perishable goods, flowers and plants, chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

For him, it is important that the cargo temperature is constant during transport. In addition, an environmentally friendly system has its clear preference. Since many refrigeration systems still emit CO2 and also produces a lot of noise, trucks and home-delivery vans are increasingly denied in inner cities.

In short, he wants an affordable, clean and reliable refrigeration system that also complies with environmental legislation.

Our solution
The BoTemp system guarantees the cold chain for chilled and frozen products and reduces your carbon footprint. Since BoTemp’s system does not require any energy input during operation your refrigeration system is silent, clean and meets emission regulations.

BoTemp refrigeration systems

Manufacturers and builders

This type of clients are vehicle body manufacturers, integrators, HVAC installers, container distributors or truck dealers.

It is important to him that he can meet his customer needs. His client asks for durable and affordable refrigeration systems, preferably to be combined with electric vehicles. The Battery capacity of the electric vehicle may be used only for the transport itself, and can not also be used for refrigerating the freight. However, most sustainable refrigeration products are expensive and heavy, take up much space and require heavy batteries.

Our solution
When using BoTemps Remote Refrigeration Charger the refrigeration system is charged overnight. During the operation no additional battery capacity is required. Since the Charger remains at the homebase, the payload increases.

BoTemp refrigeration systems


Among this group of customers are shippers and carriers for road, water and rail transport.

The transporter cannot have long waiting times and needs a flexible refrigeration system. Because cargo can change frequently, the temperature in the cargo area must be adjusted easily. The cooling systems must be affordable both to purchase and to maintain and easy to operate.

Since many refrigeration systems still emit CO2 and produce a lot of noise, conveyors are often denied in inner cities. In addition, the maintenance of the refrigeration system can take some time, which makes it difficult to make optimum use of the vehicle.

Our solution
BoTemp provides a variably adjustable refrigeration system that does not pollute and hardly makes any noise. It is therefore ideal for urban deliveries. The system is not more expensive than regular systems and lowers operating costs and because the maintenance is negligible.

BoTemp refrigeration systems