What are the differences between your systems and conventional refrigeration systems?

Conventional systems blow cold air into the cargo area. As soon as the temperature in the cargo area is rising, the system is activated to produce cold air. This requires an active and dedicated energy source such as a diesel generator.

Our system uses a PCM-compound. The Beams or Battery are electrically charged using a refrigeration unit, and radiate cold during the trip. The temperature of the cargo is secured without requiring additional energy during transport.

Why would I choose a BoTemp system?

The system does not emit CO2, eliminates noise pollution, requires low maintenance and has no hidden costs. Our systems do not leak, because we are using a specific compound, contrary to our competitors who offer plates with liquid PCM.

Our products are standard solutions that are custom-made for you.

What are your delivery times?

Most of the standard items are in stock. We fit them easily to your specifications and have them available for shipment within 24 hours. Our custom-made products have a delivery time of six to eight weeks.

How much do your systems cost?

Our prices are comparable to traditional refrigeration systems.

How do I know which solution meets my application?

Please contact us. After an inventory of your needs we sent you an informal offer.

How much maintenance does the system require?

Our system has only a few moving parts, therefore it hardly requires maintenance. Our technical specialists are always at your service.  For first time buyers we offer on-the-job training.

Besides PCM-based products, do you manufacture other products?

No, we are fully dedicated to our PCM technology.

What is PCM?

PCM stands for Phase Change Material. Such materials can absorb considerable amounts of heat when they transition from a solid frozen state to a liquid state. As soon as the material has been cooled to the prefered temperature, heat gets absorbed in an insulated space and the temperature becomes controllable. This is a natural process in physics and does not require any additional energy input.

What does your PCM material consist of?

The material consists of a water-based compound containing particular components. We manufacture these components according to a well-kept recipe.

Why did you choose a PCM compound?

This compound has an exceptionally high absorption capacity per liter of product, it is very stable and does not decay, not even over time, and there is no risk for leakages because the viscosity is very high.

Do my products dry out with your system?

Our system does not use circulating air which means your products can not dry out.

I have heard of PCM used in plates. What are the advantages of synthetic Beams over metal plates?

Freezing and thawing plates causes the edges to weaken which ultimately results in leaks.

Our Beams have proven to be very robust. There are still BoTemp systems in use, functioning even after twenty years. Beams also weigh less and have a larger heat exchange surface which results in faster temperature dropping. 

What is the weight and capacity of the Cold Beams and the Cold Battery?

A Beam weighs approximately 9 kg and contains 4.53 liters of PCM material refrigeration solution 500 Wh per meter. For example, a Beams application in a small 3.5-ton vehicle weighs approximately 400 kg and in a large trailer 900kg.

A Battery application in a small 3.5-ton vehicle weighs approximately 400 kg, and in a large trailer 900 kg.

How much does your Refrigeration Unit weigh?

An On Board Refrigeration Unit weighs between 150 and 280 kg and a Remote Cold Charger weighs between 200 and 380 kg.  Exact weights are depending on your application.

Can you deliver a system that lets me determine the temperature myself?

The BoTemp Battery offers variable temperature settings allowing you the possibility to change the temperature in the cargo area from +10ºC to -25ºC.

Can you deliver a system that I can use to cool more than one cargo area at the same time?

Our Beams as well as our Battery can be used in cargo areas with two or more compartments, a so-called multi-temp system. If you select the Battery, each compartment’s temperature can be set at a different temperature at any time.

Do you have a solution that reduces the overall weight?

If you select the Remote Cold Charger, the refrigeration unit will remain at the home base. Comparatively, the Battery is lighter than the Beams because the Battery is well-insulated and does not automatically radiate cold. As a result, less energy is lost than with a saturation control, and there is less need of PCM compound.

What is the average charging time for your system?

Depending on the size of your system, the charging time is between three and eight hours. When using our External Nitrogen Charger, charging time is only two hours.

Is charging with nitrogen dangerous?

The air we breathe contains approximately 80% nitrogen.  When nitrogen changes from a liquid to a gas, the amount of oxygen can become less, and should therefore not be used in confined spaces. Direct contact with the skin should be avoided because of the extreme low temperature.

BoTemp claims to be environmentally friendly. Can you demonstrate how?

Our systems do not emit any pollutants or noise when in use and get charged with electricity or liquid nitrogen. Since there aren’t any harmful coolants inside the vehicle, Freon certification is not required.

Can I get grants with your systems?

Yes, our products are eligible for subsidies.
This deduction provides an average savings of around 14% on the investment. When you are based in the Netherlands see Milieu Investerings Aftrek or Energie Investeringsaftrek. For other countries please ask your local authorities for more information.

Are the BoTemp products suitable for all cargo areas?

Yes, there aren’t any size restrictions. We have systems from small vehicles like a tuk-tuk to large trucks or containers.

Can you also deliver products that radiate extreme temperatures?

Our PCM can be created to radiate temperatures between +50ºC and -40ºC.

Can you warm the cargo area so goods don’t freeze when the outside temperature is below 0ºC is?

control the temperature of such spaces.

Can BoTemp also deliver equipment for stationary applications such as cold stores?

Yes, we offer solutions for cold stores, data centers, and other applications such as air conditioning for residences, offices, and stores.

What is the average annual energy consumption for a standard distribution vehicle?

’The consumption is estimated to be approximately € 500 per year. This is 50% less than similar diesel powered systems.

Who are the shareholders of BoTemp?

Bohemen Investments and Dutch Spring. They combine financial expertise with expert technological knowledge and complex business management.

Why are you using reindeer in your marketing materials?

Reindeer are reliable and efficient and have tremendous endurance. In addition, they are cold hardy, and can travel long distances. This deer matches our vision perfectly.

BoTemp refrigeration systems
BoTemp refrigeration systems
BoTemp refrigeration systems
BoTemp refrigeration systems