• “We have to do more with less energy.”
  • “The global safety of food distribution is under pressure.”
  • “We have to transition to electric-powered transport.”
  • “Noise and emissions have to be reduced drastically.”
  • “Costs have to go down.”

The above summary reflects the enormous challenges that confront us today. Their common denominator is that they all lead to a greater need for sustainable solutions for refrigerated transport. In addition, the current regulations necessitate that city delivery is both emission and noise free.

BoTemp specializes in emission-free refrigeration solutions for mainly city transport. Our systems are green, sustainable, quiet, more affordable than conventional systems, and almost maintenance free.

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PCM refrigeration is the future

  • Our systems are silent and do not produce any CO2. Therefore, you will satisfy the ever-stricter regulations that inner-cities demand.
  • You will benefit from low energy costs because our systems are usually charged at night, preferably with green energy. This practice prevents the use of expensive and polluting diesel.  
  • While operating, the system only uses its own energy that was charged into the PCM gel earlier. The amount of cold radiation is adapted to daily operations.
  • Our products only have a few moving parts. Therefore, downtime is minimal, and the systems are virtually maintenance free.  
  • The system continually radiates cold, even if your vehicle is equipped with start/stop technology.
  • We guarantee the constant quality of our PCM gel for eight years. Even after years of use, the gel will not sediment.
  • The PCM gel in our cold batteries cannot leak like systems filled with PCM fluid.
  • PCM technology is a proven solution; this principle has been used for hundreds of years.  
  • BoTemp further developed PCM technology for various transport applications. Our clients have been satisfied with our products for more than 50 years.
  • When a vehicle has to be replaced, the cold Box can be reused by installing it in the new vehicle.  

What is PCM?

BoTemp’s cold batteries are based on the proven Phase Change Material (PCM) technology with a fixed melting point, also called a eutectic system. This technology uses thermal storage during phase transition. During PCM’s transition from a liquid to a solid state, extra energy is absorbed.  

BoTemp has optimized PCM’s properties for various temperatures and applied it to a gel. While operating, the frozen gel in the cold Box radiates cold to the cargo area by absorbing the generated heat, comparable to ice packs in a cooler.

How does the system work?

The core of our system consists of a cold Box aboard a vehicle and a charging system. When not in use, the cold Box gets “charged” with cold in 4 to 10 hours by the charger. The Box is literally plugged in at night.

While operating, this cold is used to keep the cargo refrigerated or frozen and no additional energy supply is needed. Specifically, this means that you do not have to use any costly diesel or engage the electrical power of your electric vehicle. This electrical power is therefore used for the range of your vehicle and will save at least 30% in energy consumption.

Our systems are flexibly constructed from connectable units. During our consultation with you, we will determine which dimensions and type of system is most suitable. We then determine the required cooling capacity for the vehicle, based on the provided input we receive of the client. This includes the desired temperature and nature of the load, the number of door openings per operation, the insulation value of the cargo space, the standard outside temperature and the charging time.


Our systems are especially useful when, during operation, no fuel or other energy source can be used to refrigerate the cargo. Our systems are designed to maintain the temperature in the cargo area. The temperature can be maintained for several hours to several days. BoTemp has standard refrigeration systems that can refrigerate from -25℃ to +5℃. It is also possible to subdivide the cargo area of your vehicle into several compartments, each with its own temperature setting.   

Our solutions are especially well-suited for the requirements of city deliveries; (electric) delivery vans and box trucks of up to 3.5 tons with multiple loading and unloading instances. However, a BoTemp solution can also be suitable for regional transport and city-to-city transport as long as the refrigeration system can be periodically recharged.  

During stops, the cold batteries continuously and silently keep radiating cold. And even if the vehicle is equipped with start/stop technology, the refrigeration system does not stop when the vehicle is standing still.  

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