Our cool promise

We supply the equipment to manage the cold chain, from manufacturer to end user. With our innovative refrigeration systems, we guarantee the temperature of the cargo such as perishable food, pharmaceuticals and chemical products.
In addition, our light-weight refrigeration solution increase payload capacity. This means higher revenues for you.

What do we make?

The core of our system technology is unique: Storing thermal energy by using a Phase Change Material (PCM), our patented compound. We use it in our rechargeable refrigeration systems which we have manufactured according to your specifications.

When charging the application, the PCM freezes. It provides cargo space cooling during operation by absorbing the generated heat. Our refrigeration systems are designed to maintain your desired cargo space temperature during the entire operation. This can last from a couple of hours up to several days.

We offer all kinds of temperature configurations and produce what you need to meet your goals. Most in use are the -33°C compounds, used to refrigerate frozen products or in variable temperature applications. The -11°C compound is used for chill applications and is often applied as well.

product overview

Cold Battery

BoTemp Cold Battery

A rechargeable cold storage system with variable temperature settings. The Cold Battery is usually installed outside the cargo area.

Cold Beams

BoTemp cold beams

A rechargeable cold storage system with a preset temperature. The Cold Beams are normally mounted on the ceiling or on the walls of the cargo area.

Charging options

BoTemp Remote charger

We offer two types of refrigeration systems: remote or on board. The systems are suitable for charging both the Cold Battery and the Cold Beams in mobile applications such as vehicles or containers, or for stationary applications, like cold stores.


Our solutions connect very well with the requirements for urban distribution, also fit the longhaul transportation conditions as well as specific container applications.

Applicable on everything, like home delivery, in rigid trucks, in case of multiple delivery points, trailer transportation and more.

In addition to mobile systems, our PCM technology also has significant benefits for stationary applications like cold stores, data centers, and commercial buildings. The thermal energy storage capability is very suitable as a back-up system in cases of breakdowns and power supply disruption, and can also be used as a buffer for energy management systems.

The advantages

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • No emissions
  • No noise
  • Low maintenance & repair costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Sustainable

As a result of the more stringent environmental legislation and municipal regulations, there is an increasing demand for our approach to refrigeration solutions. Our products are environmentally friendly, maintenance free and can be recharged indefinitely. In short, they are the green alternative to existing refrigeration systems.

Our customers have been using BoTemp solutions for over 20 years. When they trade in their vehicles, the existing Beams are re-installed in the new vehicles.

We improve our systems continuously. Due to innovation technology we reduced the charging time and increased the hold-over period with 30%. Most of these improvements can be integrated into existing systems.

Energy Investment Tax Incentive (EIA)

BoTemp’s PCM products are eligible for energy investment tax incentives in the Netherlands. (EIA) This incentive saves an average of 14% on investment.

For other countries but the Netherlands we advise you to contact your local government to inform you about this subject.

BoTemp cold beams