Free trial period

To see whether this system works for you, we offer you free use of a test installation in your vehicle for a period of three months.
After this period, we will evaluate the operation. If you are satisfied, you pay the amount which we have agreed upon. If you are not satisfied, we will remove the BoTemp system without any costs for you.
After this period, we will evaluate the operation, set the specifications and, of course only if you are satisfied, install our system in your vehicles.
In time, you can trade-in your existing BoTemp system when you decide to order a new refrigeration system.

We are interested in building a long-term relationship with you. We believe that the transport sector has an obligation to strive for an environmentally friendly operation. This means an efficient use of refrigeration systems as well as recycling of materials.

BoTemp Cold Beams


Have you become curious? Please contact us. We prepare our most appropriate solution for your application, including a price. Obviously, this is an informal offer.

Would you like to see some examples? Take a look at what our happy customers have chosen.