A BoTemp application consists of a rechargeable Cold Battery and a Charger. The Cold Battery lasts at least one to several days without having to be recharged. In the meantime, the Battery keeps radiating cold.  

Our products are used in vehicles that transport refrigerated and frozen products. Think of home deliveries by delivery vans, city-to-city deliveries, or regional transport.  

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Cold Batterries

BoTemp Cold Beams

Our Cold Batteries are available in various versions. Depending on its use, we will determine which Battery type would be most suitable for you. For instance, the desired temperature and the type of cargo will affect your choice, as well as the available loading time, the number of door openings per operation, the insulation value of the cargo area, and the standard outside temperature.


tekening Off Board Charger 1

We supply two types of chargers that are available in various capacities; an Off Board and an On Board Charger. The BoTemp Box recharges in 4 to 10 hours, depending on the power of the charger and the remaining capacity in the cold Box. Because the batteries can be recharged at night with affordable nightly electricity rates or outside peak hours, you will save energy costs.  

Maintenance and warranties

The BoTemp refrigeration systems require little to no maintenance and are very dependable in use.

At least once a year, they must be serviced by a certified mechanic. Service and maintenance can be performed by BoTemp or one of its service partners. We offer a standard 1-year warranty on our Chargers and an 8-year warranty on the PCM gel in our cold batteries, provided it has been used within the specifications, and the annual maintenance has been performed by a BoTemp certified partner.

For optimal use and warranty preservation, the cold batteries must be used correctly according to the specifications and instructions in the manual. For instance, the Beams and Pod must be defrosted and cleaned on a regular basis.   

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