World Cargo News: BoTemp for Huuskes

Dutch food supplier Huuskes is using BoTemp’s innovative “Cold Battery” in cold chain logistics.

The cold battery is a passive refrigerated transport system that does not require continuous electrical power. Instead is uses stored thermal energy to remove heat by circulating a cold transfer fluid from the Cold Battery through a liquid/air heat exchanger in the cargo space to control the temperature anywhere from -20ºC to +4ºC.
The transfer fluid is a non-toxic and biodegradable gel called PCM (Phase Change Material). Together with partners BOM Engineering, Pool Cold Technology, Re/Gent and Delta Technics, BoTemp developed the Cold Battery, along with a variable adjustable temperature control.
Harrie Reink, logistics manager at Huuskes said the Cold Battery’s advantages include flexibility and low maintenance and repair costs, and its lower noise in regulated urban environments. “BoTemp’s systems are silent and never produce CO2 emissions. The cooling system will remain cold even when the vehicle’s engine is turned off,” noted Reink.
The Cold Battery has enough capacity for Huuskes’ 18-tonne two-compartment vehicles to maintain the desired temperature throughout the day. Frozen products must be delivered at a temperature of -18°C, fresh products must remain below 3°C.
“The Cold Battery with variable adjustable temperature control, combined with an On Board Charger, provides the flexibility to change the temperature in each compartment. And because the Charger is on board, the cooling unit can always be charged, wherever the vehicle is located,” noted BoTemp.
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